DragonStar--Mezzenbone's Curse

The Force WIthin The Temple

Travel and Temple Troubles

Return Home….Almost

After surviving their ordeal at Hellspike Prison, the heroes are returning from an errand outside the Regdar system, and have sustained serious damage. Navigational computer malfunctions resulted in the ships flying through an abandoned debris/minefield, where they damaged several key systems. With few options, our heroes make an emergency landing in a desolate region of the arid content on Regdar 7, south of the equator. The players on board the Eileen landed in a clearing just outside the town of Pike Bay, while the Seeker managed to dock at an abandoned harbor 2 km due east of the Eileen. Never being to this place before, the heroes need to find a place with the following components:

  • Navigation Computer chips
  • Laser gun turret parts
  • Power cables & cables connecting starcaster to nav. computer
  • 3 laser torches, to replace those damaged in the crash
  • 4 sets of maneuvering thruster components

As the crew of the Eileen secure their ship, they realize two things: they landed at night, and a swarm of 12 guards led by a local marshall are approaching them and setting up a perimeter outside their ship. The Marshall, Ferzik Coltrane, calls the players out, demanding their credentials or face consequences. Zog exits the ship, presenting his credentials and explaining their situation. Coltrane’s people notify her that the Seeker is also similarly surrounded. Zog assures Coltrane that the Seeker is one of the good guys.

After verifying Zog’s credentials, Coltrane, already in a no-nonsense mood, explains the local situation. Turns out that Pike Bay is on lockdown since rumors surfaced of something evil emanating from somewhere in the west: some kind of evil force or essence ready to break out of something. Since then, the local Marshall ordered lockdown: nobody comes in our out without clearance, no ships/boats land or take off without permission. Curfew is at 9 P.M. until further notice. The players violated the lockdown law by landing without clearance. So the Marshall has sent guards to impound their ships. The players must either pay two fines:

  • 10,000 credits/gp PER SHIP for violating lockdown law
  • 10,000 credits/gp PER SHIP for impound fee

The heroes either must pay these fees or spend 45 days in jail, then appear before a judge and pay the fees. Coltrane explains that she can excuse our heroes because her office’s comm. system went down, and starts to work out some kind of compromise when she gets a call from Mayor J.B. Gotrox, ordering her to arrest our heroes. Frustrated, she brokers a deal: give our heroes 5 days to deal with the evil threat and come back, proving they did it. If so, they’re be free to go. Otherwise they pay the fine or go to jail as previously indicated above. After the heroes agree to the deal, Zog & Orion assure Coltrane that after their boss talks w/the Mayor, his political life will be somewhat unpleasant for the forseeable future. Coltrane also relays the terms of the deal to Hermione Granger, who also agrees to the deal.

As for spare parts, Coltrane recommends the city of Orlane, some 550+ miles due west. So the heroes decide to deal with the problem in Uruk Diñeros first, then get their parts in Orlane. Coltrane and her soldiers (all female warriors) retreat for the night. Lorian, Zog, Orion, Kal Eb, and Cyril spend the night on the Eileen, while Hermione spends the night on the Seeker and joins them in the morning.

The trip to Uruk Diñeros goes fine. By midday, the heroes reach the town gate, where the guard warns them to be careful in town, and points them to the Deer Run Inn where they can have lunch and learn more about the looming evil presence.

At the Deer Run Inn, the innkeeper, Bereeka, sets them up w/a good lunch, then tells them the story of the temple Abu Sengrad. She tells them nearly a century ago, the town was once a haven for wealthy folks, wizards, mages, artists, sorcerers, and the like. They learned that an evil force was headed their way, possibly a young Black Dragon. Said dragon was sent by Grede Khanrico, a good sorcerer gone very bad. Khanrico was a young upstart sorcerer, strong in all forms of magic. His mentor, Gandolf Artoro, brought him on the Council of Elders & Wizards located on the 7 Heavens of Lawful Good plane. Khanrico impressed Artoro so much that Artoro began grooming the young sorcerer to one day succeed him as the council’s chairman. However, Khanrico began selling his sorcerer services to the highest bidder, charging high fees for doing questionable magical deeds.

Artoro confronted Khanrico over his misdeeds, and the two had a huge falling out, with Artoro expelling Khanrico from the council and Khanrico vowing to continue his diabolical ways. Khanrico, hungry for wealth and power, saw Uruk Diñeros as ripe for the picking. However, he underestimated the town’s resourceful residents. Together they planned a way to lure the evil force into a trap to either contain or destroy it. What happened after that is still unclear, as most of the town’s archives are lost.

At this, Bereeka warns our heroes about the temple, but after Orion, Hermione, Zog, and Lorian, and eventually Kal Eb egg her on, she reveals the best way into the temple: through a tunnel in/under an old supply shed in the northwest corner. She assures our heroes they can leave their hovervan outside her tavern. They thank her and, after gathering supplies, enter Abu Sengrad to confront The Force WIthin The Temple.


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