Set in the DragonStar Universe of Fantasy Flight Games and using 3.5 D&D Rules. It is now the year 5040 IE (Imperial Era). The adventurers’ homeworld Regdar 5 in the Sarava Domain (Silver Dragons) is now part of the Empire. The adventurers are hired as ‘independent contractors’ to carry out ‘extracurricular missions’ on behalf of the Empire and related interests. The players get their assignments from Daryl Toombs, a regional lord of the Sarava Domain (Silver Dragon). After proving their worth, Daryl Toombs reveals himself to be Richard Vastens of the Insurrectionists. Here the adventurers learn their true purpose: to topple Mezzenbone by breaking his power base, and replace him with a more moderate Red Dragon. Why? To save the Dragon Empire from bankruptcy, extreme corruption, and collapse. These are their stories.

DragonStar--Mezzenbone's Curse

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