DragonStar--Mezzenbone's Curse

Recent Adventures

In the first few months, the adventurers have befriended a sorceress, recovered several stolen red dragon eggs, fought off giants and vampires, rescued a hostage/informant, and ticked off the Black Hole Syndicate and a new crime gang, the Red Dozen. The adventurers are also learning about the Empire that now governs their world, as well as new technology and new worlds. Oh, and to complicate things even more…the adventurers have a young charge: a baby red dragon.

The rescued hostage is of vital interest to the Empire. He is also part of The Insurrection, a movement that is gaining strength against the evil dragons’ rule, especially under Mezzenbourne, the current emperor.

After the players rescue the hostage, Toombs reveals himself to be Richard Vastens, nephew of Morgan Vastens of the Sarava Domain (Silver Dragons). Toombs also discloses to the players Insurrection’s true agenda: TO RESTORE BALANCE TO THE EMPIRE. Recent intelligence indicates that Mezzenbone is far too corrupt, even for red dragons. He is squandering the Dragon Empire’s wealth to the point that there may not be a Dragon Empire after 50 years.

The Insurrection wants to help raise the players’ baby red dragon with dragon AND human values of moderation. Their plan: break Mezzenbone’s power base, overthrow him, and replace him with a ‘more balanced’ red dragon before the Empire collapses under the weight of Mezzenbone’s corruption.

The fun continues…


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